Crystalena has been a performing musician for 6 years whose blues-rock roots have evolved with a smooth soulful influence that can be heard within the unique textures of her voice. Her raw talent and dedication to song-writing stand as testament of her ability to inspire the audience with passion-fueled performances. Paired with her versatility to put on both big band shows with complex arrangements as well as intimately minimalist sets that fuse soul-blues and an extensive blend of musical styles including Canadiana to Celtic experimental rock. Her music and thought-provoking lyrics look to address a range of complex topics, from social issues to the struggles and successes of self-empowerment. Her “original songs map their way through minor chorded melodies, intense rises and falls, and her signature vocal jumps into long sustains” [Terry Steeves – Apt 613].

She quickly became recognized in Canada as a power-house performer who never fails to bring audiences to their feet. After releasing a live video of an original, stripped down performance of “Impulse” with Shot In the Dark in December 2016, Crystalena gained the attention of thousands internationally. Which has quickly become a favourite for local audiences; “[I] loved the slow burning sensuality of [Impulse] that flowed from soft verses to strong choruses and showcased Crystalena’s lower/higher register vocal versatility. [She] dug her teeth into words that were filled with passionate throes” [Steeves – Apt613].
2017 has been a fantastic uprising for her, along with pouring her soul out in blood sweat and tears into with musical mastermind Rob Fraboni over the last year. To be released in teaser single December 2017 along with a full length LP release January 2018!

The songstress has also been pursuing a music degree full-time at Carleton University since 2014 and plans to finish with a running start by planning her first international tour for summer 2018